Documents, Reports, and Presentations

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2005 Water Needs Assessment Report
2013 Monthly Record of Proceedings & Vendor Reports
2014 Monthly Record of Proceedings & Vendor Reports
2015 Monthly Record of Proceedings & Vendor Reports
2016 Commercial Booth Information
2016 Fair Book
2017 Fair Book
Animal Bite Report
Annual Audit Reports
Be Flood Smart!
Board of Commissioners Journal Archives
Calendar Year Sales
Certified Copy of Death Order Form
Child Mental Health Residential Programs
Cities of Monmouth/Independence Address Map
City Map of Falls City and Willamina
City Map of Monmouth and Independence
City Map of West Salem
City Maps
City of Dallas Address Map
City of Dallas Map
Code of Ordinances: Title I
Code of Ordinances: Title II
Code of Ordinances: Title III
Code of Ordinances: Title IV
Code of Ordinances: Title IX
Code of Ordinances: Title V
Code of Ordinances: Title VI
Code of Ordinances: Title VII
Code of Ordinances: Title VIII
Community Boundaries Maps
Community Health Assessment 2015
Community Service Sign Up Instructions
Community Service Sign Up Instructions (En Español)
Community Service Work Requirements
Community Service Work Requirements (En Español)
Comprehensive Plan Maps
County Road Maps
Developmental Disabilities Eligibility Brochure
Developmental Disabilities Notice of Rights and Responsibilities
Developmental Disabilities Services Coordination Brochure
Do You Disagree With the Value on Your Property?
Donation Land Claims
Downloadable Assessor Maps
Early Learning and Family Engagement
Electronic Recycling Factsheet
Elevation Maps
Emergency Preparedness Handouts
Environmental Health Emergency Handbook