Civil Division

PCSO Patch

The Polk County Sheriff's Office Civil Division responds to all legal processes directed to the Sheriff, including, but not limited to: Writs of Execution (Real and Personal Property Sales), Evictions, notice, provisional and enforcement processes, and various other court orders/documents.

The Polk County Sheriff's Office Civil Division is comprised of one Civil Deputy who processes all notice, provisional and enforcement process received. Patrol deputies serve all documents received and the Civil Deputy serves process when time allows. The Civil Deputy conducts all property sales.

This office only serves and enforces documents in Polk County. This includes the city limits of Monmouth, Dallas, Independence, West Salem, Falls City, Grand Ronde, and a small portion of Willamina. Please refer to the appropriate Sheriff's Office for service outside Polk County.

Legal Questions

The Polk County Sheriff's Office and other public safety agencies, along with Oregon Courts, are not permitted to give legal advice pursuant to Oregon Law. "Legal Advice" means telling a person how to go about court proceedings, filing, what documents need to be served, etc., speculating what the outcome in a court case would be, advising or recommending one procedure, form, or pleading over another, advising what words to put in a form or what to say in court, suggesting what you "should do", recommending the services of a specific attorney or group of attorneys, etc.

Where Can I Get Legal Assistance?

You may find assistance through the following resources:

You may also check out the Law Libraries located at any courthouse or university, or check out the public libraries and book stores (specifically in the Law/Social Science section).

Where Can I Find Legal Forms?

Both the Polk County Circuit Court’s website and the Oregon Judicial Department's website offer legal forms for you to download.

You can also check online with different County Circuit Courts, have an attorney produce the legal forms you need or check with stationary stores that carry Do-It-Yourself legal forms.