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Left to Right: (SALT Volunteer John Brown, Reserve Deputy Artunyan, Sgt. Redding, Sheriff Garton, Lt. Isham, Deputy Younger, Deputy Brooks, Sgt. Heikila)

The Oregon State Sheriff’s Association (OSSA) held its annual awards banquet on December 7, 2016. This year several members of the Polk County Sheriff’s Office received a variety of state wide awards.

Commander of the year award:

Lt. Jeff Isham

Life Saving Awards:

Reserve Deputy Artur Artunyan
Deputy Chris Younger
Deputy Josh Brooks
Sergeant Erik Heikila
Sergeant Michael Redding
Reserve Deputy Eric Berry

Enforcement Command Council - Volunteer of the year award

John Brown – Salt Volunteer (Seniors and Law Enforcement Together)

2016-2017 Application Cycle 

Polk County will begin accepting applications for Business Development grants for the 16/17 program funding cycle on July 15, 2016. Business Development Grants support projects focused on business expansion and creation of new jobs in the agriculture, traded sector, and tourism industries within Polk County.

Polk County Behavioral Health is excited to announce an expansion of our forensic services. A partnership with the Circuit Courts and Polk County Community Corrections has led to the development of a Mental Health Court. This program will serve individuals who have been charged with lower level crimes and exhibit severe and persistent mental health issues. We hope to accept our first participant into the program in late January 2016. Services provided will include pre-trial diversion, jail in-reach, intensive case management, therapy and groups.

For more information, please email Sara Dotson at dotson.sara@co.polk.or.us.

June 2016 
From Sheriff Mark Garton

I want to take a moment to let everyone know what has been happening at your Sheriff’s Office during the past few months. The Sheriff’s Office has been working hard towards honoring the promises that were stated during the campaign for the public safety levy. Since the voters passed the levy, your Sheriff’s Office immediately took action to rebuild the office and follow through on the promises that were made during the levy campaign. 

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Eric Berry, County Surveyor

Eric Berry, County Surveyor, also serves as a Polk County reserve deputy. Fortunately, earlier this month Eric was in the right place at the right time. He was instrumental in assisting  a Lincoln County deputy on his way to WOU at the scene of a Highway 223 accident.

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Recently, Polk County taxpayers with property taxes due have been receiving letters from an individual in the County threatening foreclosure and offering to help by purchasing the property. These letters are misleading and are not from the County. The letters have a heading of  “TAX DEED SALE LETTER”. If you receive one of these letters, contact the Polk County tax office with any questions you might have about the status of your property tax. Tax Office: 503-623-9264

Polk County Courthouse

Interested in Serving?  Volunteers Needed! 

It’s your skills, your talents, your knowledge, and most of all, your time that helps our community thrive. 

Serving on a Polk County board, committee or commission is an excellent way to have a voice in Polk County and to learn more about how local government works. The only requirement for service is that you live or own property in Polk County. 

Sheriff Mark Garton

On November 30th, 2015 at 10 a.m., Sheriff Mark Garton was sworn in as the 37th Polk County Sheriff.  Judge Sally Avera presided over the ceremony, which was held in the Polk County Courthouse.   Garton was appointed by the Polk County Board of Commissioners with a unanimous vote to replace retiring Sheriff Bob Wolfe. 

“I am honored to be your Sheriff and I will work tireless towards restoring this office to the highest level it can achieve,” Garton said.   

Important Deadlines (see attached document below for a more extensive list of dates)