Jail Division

The Polk County Jail was completed in August of 1999 and has a capacity of 204 inmates.

The Polk County Jail is a state-of-the-art facility which is staffed by the best correctional personnel in the State. During our first State Jail Inspection, the Polk County Jail received an overall rating of 99.8%. This rating is a tribute to all of the hard work and dedication that the staff of the Polk County Jail constantly displays.

Mission Statement

The Polk County Jail serves many constituencies:  the citizens of the County, other criminal justice agencies, the inmate population, staff at the facility, and others who come to the Jail. The Jail has three primary responsibilities to these groups:

  1. To insure that those who are legally held in the facility remain there until released by the Court or until their sentences are complete.
  2. To provide for safe, secure, humane, constitutional and standards-compliant conditions of confinement.
  3. To provide access to the basic human services that offer inmates the potential for reintegration and rehabilitation.

The mission of the Polk County Jail is to provide pretrial detention services for criminal justice agencies in Polk County and as a place in which sentences imposed by the Courts will be served. In carrying out this mission, the Polk County Jail will operate as directed by federal laws, Oregon Statutes and Oregon Jail Standards.

Polk County acknowledges that most inmates held in the facility will ultimately return to the community. As a result, the facility and its staff have an obligation to provide access to basic human services that may facilitate the reintegration of the inmate population as law-abiding, responsible citizens.


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Sgt. Richard Bittick
Sgt. Laura Westfall
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