Welcome to Family & Community Outreach

Polk County Family & Community Outreach (FCO) is located in suite 220 in The Academy building and serves as a one-stop resource and service location for the citizens of Polk County. You may visit any of the FCO programs listed below (or in the menu listings on the left) to learn more. Other programs located in suite 220 can be found under Co-location Partners.


The Central Health and Wellness Center offers medical, dental, & behavioral health services to the Central School District and broader community. It is located at 1601 Monmouth Street in Independence.

Mid-Valley Parenting logo

Mid-Valley Parenting exists as a hub where community partners support families through parenting education and resources accessible in all areas of Polk County.

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The Drug, Alcohol, and Problem Gambling Prevention Program seeks to address the issues related to alcohol and other drug use and problem gambling, end the use, misuse, and abuse of these substances and activities. 

The vision of Healthy Communities is that all people live, work, play, and learn in an environment that supports health and optimal quality of life.

The Tobacco Prevention and Education Program serves Polk County by reducing the negative effects of tobacco addiction through policy formation, awareness outreach, and technical assistance.

School-Based Mental Health Staff

The Polk County School-Based Mental Health program is a partnership between Polk County and the following school districts: Central, Perrydale, Falls City, and Dallas. School-Based Mental Health staff work under the supervision and training of Polk County Family and Community Outreach. 

The purpose of the Service Integration program is to facilitate collaboration among community partners to provide coordinated resources and information for individuals and families.  We are agency and community partners expediting solutions by matching resources to clearly defined needs, while avoiding duplication of service.