Welcome to the District Attorney's Office


The mission of the Polk County District Attorney is to uphold the United States Constitution and the Constitution and laws of the State of Oregon, to preserve the safety of the public, to protect the rights of crime victims, and to pursue justice for all citizens with skill, honor and integrity.

Duties of the Polk County District Attorney's Office

The Polk County District Attorney's Office is the legal representative of the State of Oregon and law enforcement in Polk County in all criminal matters occurring and prosecuted within this jurisdiction. The PCDA recognizes its role as the lead in prosecution of offenders, advisors to law enforcement agencies, and response to the community on law enforcement matters as it relates to that office. The PCDA is responsible for programs related to crime victims: Victims Assistance Program and Child Support Enforcement. Victims Assistance focuses on the needs of crime victims, provides community education and coordinates community involvement. Programs are aimed at the victims of child abuse, as well as persons who are victims of domestic violence. The Child Support Enforcement program enforces child support obligations in accordance with state and federal regulations and actively pursues delinquent non-custodial parents.


The PCDA interfaces with all law enforcement agencies in Polk County, Polk County Mental Health Department, Polk County Juvenile Department, Services to Children and Families and Community Corrections Division. The PCDA participates in the following inter-agency teams:

  • Major Crime Team
  • Multi-Disciplinary Child Abuse Team
  • Multi-Disciplinary Child Fatality Review Team
  • Polk Interagency Narcotics Team
  • Domestic Violence Task Force

The PCDA chairs the following public safety organizations:

  • Multi-Disciplinary Child Abuse Team
  • Child Fatality Review Team

The PCDA is a member of the Polk County Domestic Violence Task Force, whose mission is to coordinate, implement and monitor a collaborative community-wide response to domestic violence in order to reduce all forms of domestic violence in Polk County.

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Aaron Felton was sworn in as Polk County District Attorney on January 7, 2013.  He previously served as Chairperson of the Oregon Board of Parole and Post-Prison Supervision.