ePermitting Information

Polk County now offers online permit services through the State of Oregon’s ePermitting website. If you are a licensed contractor, you can now purchase limited Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing Permits that do not require a plan review online.

In order to apply online, you will need to visit the State of Oregon’s ePermitting website at http://www.oregon-epermitting.info/. Once you are on this website, you can visit the contractor page to get started.

From the contractor page, you have several options such as:

  • Registering for an ePermitting account
  • Receiving online training on the ePermitting system
  • Logging into ePermitting to apply for permits, and
  • Accessing minor label information.

You can also search for permits that have been applied for through the ePermitting system. If you have any troubles navigating the State of Oregon’s website, signing up or applying for a permit, you may contact the State’s helpdesk at (503) 373-7396 or e-mail them at oregon.epermitting@state.or.us.


Applying Online

Address Information
To apply online, you will need a property address that matches our records. New addresses may take awhile to be added to the ePermitting system and may not be available right away for online permit purchases. If an address does not show up, please contact our office at (503) 623-9237 so we can determine the status of an address and whether or not it is in our jurisdiction.

License Information, Ownership, Project Description
You will be required to enter your contractor license information, project description, and permit selections. If the property owner information that shows up is different than the current property owner, please enter the correct property owner name in the project description. Also, for mechanical permit purchases, please include whether or not the permit qualifies for a new carbon monoxide source in the project description.

Limited Permit Services
Not all permit items are offered online. If you are applying for a permit item that is not listed on the application page, you will either need to apply in person at our office or by mail. Our office location and mailing address is 850 Main Street, Dallas, OR 97338. Google Map

Permit Terms and Conditions
Please review our Permit Terms and Conditions prior to completing payment of your permit. There is an option to view these polices on the ePermitting site prior to completing your transaction.