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Polk County Zoning Ordinance

The Polk County Planning Division provides the Zoning Ordinance for your reference and convenience. Documents are provided in Portable Document Format (.pdf). PDF versions can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't already have Acrobat installed on your system, you may download the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which acts as a "plug-in" for your web browser, for free. Publications in Portable Document Format may be viewed, searched and printed out to look exactly like the original.

Chapter Title Abbreviation
  Table of Contents  
91 Subdivisions, Partitions & Property Line Adjustments  
110 General Provisions and Definitions  
111 Administration and Procedures  
112 Development Standards Lot Area, Yards, Height Restrictions and Access  
113 Enforcement  
114 Non-Conforming Buildings and Uses  
115 Comprehensive Plan Amendments  
116 Home Occupations  
117 Wineries  
119 Conditional Uses  
120.300 Solid Waste Disposal Sites  
120.400 Sand and Gravel Resource Sites  
122 Variances  
125 Limited Uses  
127 Suburban Residential Zoning District SR
128.500 Acreage Residential: Five Acre Zoning District AR-5
128.700 Acreage Residential: Ten Acre Zoning District AR-10
128.800 Agriculture and Forestry: Ten Acre Zoning District AF-10
130 Grand Ronde: Low Density Residential Zone GD/LR
131 Single Family Residential Zoning District RS
132 Duplex Residential Zoning District RD
133 Limited Multi-Family Residential Zoning District RL
134 Multi-Family Residential Zoning District RM
135 High Rise Apartment Residential Zoning District RH
136 Exclusive Farm Use Zoning District EFU
138 Farm/Forest Zoning District FF
140 Commercial Office Zoning District CO
141 Commercial Retail Zoning District CR
142 Commercial General Zoning District CG
144 Rural Commercial Zoning District R-COM
145 Unincorporated Community Commercial Office Zoning District UC-CO
146 Unincorporated Community Commercial Retail Zoning District UC-CR
147 Unincorporated Community Commercial General Zoning District UC-CG
148 Northwest Polk Community Commercial Zoning District NPC-C
151 Industrial Commercial Zoning District IC
152 Unincorporated Community Industrial Commercial Zoning District UC-IC
153 Eola Unincorporated Community Commercial Zoning District Eola UC-C
153.500 Rickreall Unincorporated Community Commercial Zoning District Rickreall UC-C
153.700 Grand Ronde: Light Industrial Zone GR/LI
154 Eola Unincorporated Community Industrial Commercial Zoning District UC-IC
154.500 Rickreall Unincorporated Community Industrial Commercial Zoning District Rickreall UC-IC
154.700 Grand Ronde: Heavy Industrial Zone GR/HI
155 Eola Unincorporated Community Industrial Zoning District UC-I
155.500 Rickreall Unincorporated Community Industrial Zoning District Rickreall UC-I
160 Industrial Park Zoning District IP
161 Light Industrial Zoning District IL
162 Heavy Industrial Zoning District HI
165 Rural Industrial Zoning District R-IND
166 Unincorporated Community Industrial Park Zoning District UC-IP
167 Unincorporated Community Light Industrial Zoning District UC-IL
168 Unincorporated Community Heavy Industrial Zoning District UC-IH
170 Public Zones P*
173 Greenway Management Overlay Zone GM
174 Mineral and Aggregate Overlay Zone MA
175 Mineral Extraction Zoning District ME
177 Timber Conservation Zoning District TC
178 Floodplain Overlay Zone  
180 Airport Development District  
181 Airport Zone Height Limitations  
182 Significant Resource Areas Overlay Zone  
183 Historic and Archeological Resources  
184 Limited Use Overlay Zone  
185 Grand Ronde: Public Assembly Zone GR/PA
186 Grand Ronde: Public Works/Safety Zone GR/PW