Electrical Permits

Polk County processes Electrical Permits for the following jurisdictions:

  • Polk County (outside city limit boundaries)
  • City of Dallas
  • City of Falls City
  • City of Independence

**Effective July 1, 2011 Electrical Permits for properties within the Monmouth city limits will be administered by the City of Monmouth. If you have any questions, please contact our office.**


The Electrical Permit Application and an Electrical Permit process flowchart are available for download.

Visit the Oregon Building Code Division's website for electrical permit requirements to see if an Electrical Permit is required for your project.

Ways to Apply for an Electrical Permit

  • Over-the-counter (unless plan review is required)
  • Online ePermitting (for licensed contractors)
  • By Mail

Licensed Contractors - Purchase Permits Online

If you are a licensed contractor, you are now able to purchase limited Electrical Permits online that do not require a plan review, through the State of Oregon's ePermitting website. To utilize this convenient way to purchase permits online, visit the Polk County ePermitting Information webpage.

Structural Residential and Commercial Projects

An Electrical Permit Application is submitted separately as an over-the- counter permit (unless plan review is required) prior to the start of electrical work.


Manufactured Structure Installation Projects

Only the electrical feeder is included with a Manufactured Structure Permit. If the electrical feeder is being connected by someone other than the owner or Manufactured Dwelling Installer, an Electrical Permit Application would need to be signed by the person or firm performing the work (owner or supervising electrician) prior to issuance of the Manufactured Structure Permit.

If a new service is being changed, installed or relocated, the person or firm performing the electrical work will need to fill out and sign (owner or supervising electrician) a separate Electrical Permit application and submit as an over-the-counter permit. The Electrical Permit for the service is not required prior to the issuance of the Manufactured Structure Permit.

Electrical Permit Holder Terms and Conditions

The permit holder shall be deemed the person or firm that is authorized to make all decisions regarding the permit, including permit information, notices, cancelation, transfer, extensions or refunds.

Permit Application Expiration

An application will expire 180 days after being submitted if the permit is not issued (picked up and paid for). To avoid expiration of an application, an extension request needs to be submitted in writing showing justifiable cause to extend the application prior to 180 days of inactivity, otherwise the application will expire. Extensions may be granted for an additional 180 days.

Permit Expiration

Once a permit is issued, it expires if work is not commenced within 180 days of issuance or if construction or work is suspended or abandoned for a period of 180 days at any time after work is commenced. To avoid permit expiration, a progress report (showing progress toward the permit) needs to be submitted in writing or an extension request needs to be submitted in writing, showing justifiable cause to extend the permit prior to 180 days of inactivity, otherwise the permit will expire. A one time extension may be granted for an additional 180 days.

Permit Transferability

An Electrical Permit is not transferrable.

Permit Refunds

Refunds may be requested upon written request for permit deposit/fees paid within 180 days of fee payment, less any plan review fees, landuse site review fees, administrative fees and state surcharge fees, for a permit under which no work has commenced. Refunds amounting to less than $10 will not be processed.

Permit Renewals

An electrical permit may be renewed within 1 year of expiration of the permit upon submittal of the Permit Renewal Request Form, provided no changes have been made in the original plans and specifications for the work. The renewal fee would be ½ the amount of new permit fees. Permits that have been canceled and/or refunded are not eligible for renewal.

Electrical Plan Review Requirements (2 Sets of Plans Required for Review)

  1. Ampacity
  • A service or feeder beginning at 400 Amps where the available fault current exceeds 10,000 Amperes at 150 Volts or less to ground or exceeds 14,000 Amps for all other installations; or
  • Installation of a 150 KVA or larger separately derived system as defined in Article 100 of the National Electrical Code (NEC); or
  • Addition of a new motor load of 100 HP or more; or
  • Fire pump installations as defined in Article 695 of the NEC; or
  • Emergency systems installations as defined in Article 700 of the NEC; or
  • A service or feeder rated at 600 Amps or over.
  1. Voltage
  • More than 600 supply volts nominal.
  1. Height
  • More than three stories.
  1. Occupancy
  • Six or more residential units in one structure; or
  • An “A” (Assembly) occupancy, “E” (Educational) occupancy, or “I-2” or “I-3” (Institutional) occupancy as defined in the adopted Oregon Structural Specialty Code; or
  • Any of the following special occupancies as described in Chapter 5 of the NEC adopted by the board in OAR 918-305-0100:
  • Hazardous (Classified) locations as defined in Articles 500 to 516; or
  • Installations in patient care areas of health care facilities as defined in Article 517; or
  • Agricultural buildings used for commercial purposes, as defined in Article 547; or
  • Floating buildings as defined in Article 553; or
  • Marinas and boat yards as defined in Article 555; or
  • Recreational Vehicle Park. A new recreational vehicle park, or any addition or alteration to an existing park.