Septic Systems

Polk County conducts site evaluations for septic site approval, issues septic permit specifications when a repair, alteration, or new system is required, provides pre-cover inspections, authorizes the use of an existing septic system when replacing a home, inspects pump trucks annually, and provides homeowners with knowledge of septic system functions and maintenance.

If you have questions about site evaluations, septic system requirements and septic system maintenance and repair, visit the Sanitation Frequently Asked Questions.

For more information on septic tank maintenance licensed installers, or on-site sewage disposal regulations, please visit the Water Quality (DEQ) website. Use the Septic Checklist to determine the correct septic application to apply for.

A plot plan will need to be submitted with each application. You can select an application listed below and submit it along with the appropriate fee to the Community Development office. Please contact Community Development for the current fee schedule at (503) 623-9237.

Supporting Documents
Septic Checklist
Sample Plot Plan
Septic Authorization Notice Application
Septic Construction/Renew Permit Application
Septic Repair/Alteration Permit Application
Septic Site Evaluation/Plan Review Application