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First Woman Commissioner

A historic moment took place in Polk County on December 26, 2012.  Circuit Court Judge William M. Horner swore Commissioner-elect Jennifer Wheeler into office. 

Commissioner Wheeler is the first woman to be elected as a commissioner in Polk County.  She began her career with the County at the District Attorney's Office as an office specialist on September 15, 1995. To read more about Commissioner Wheeler please visit

Judge Horner began his electoral position as Polk County Circuit Court Judge on April 1, 1987. He retired on September 30, 2012, after serving as a judge for over 25 years.



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Commissioner Wheeler being sworn in by Judge HornerCommissioner Wheeler and Judge Horner after Swearing InCommissioner Wheeler and Judge HornerCommissioner Jennifer Wheeler and Tom Ritchey (Polk County Commissioner 1998-2011)Commissioner Pope, Commissioner Wheeler, Commissioner Ainsworth