Winter Season Road Bulletin 2012

During snow, the Polk County Public Works Department works very hard to keep the County roads clear for traffic. Please keep an eye out for snowplows!

Here are some things to keep in mind for the next time we have snow:

  • When roads need to be plowed, they are prioritized by several criteria including traffic usage. There are some roads in the County that will not be plowed. Please be prepared with extra medication, food and other supplies when major storms are forecast.
  • Cars cannot be left in the middle or on either side of the road. This creates a very dangerous road hazard. If you cannot get up a hill, turn around, and find a safe place to park off the road.
  • Cars left in the middle of the road will be towed at the owner’s expense.
  • Polk County Public Works will not be responsible for damaged vehicles that are left on the side of the road when roads need to be plowed.
  • If there is any medical emergency, please call 911 directly. The dispatch will call us if a road needs to be plowed for emergency services to get through.
  • It is important to realize that when a plow comes through, berms are created along the side of the road. This is something that cannot be helped and may block your driveway access. There are thousands of driveways in Polk County. It is the property owner’s responsibility to clear driveways and property access roads.
  • During heavy ice and snow, tree limbs will break. Polk County Public Works will clear the operating right-of-way which is from the centerline of the road to the back of the drainage ditch. Wood and limbs outside of the operating right-of-way are the property owner’s responsibility.
  • Avoid approaching trees with wires in them. They may have live power lines in them and can cause serious injury or death. Call your local power company immediately.
  • Polk County Public Works will remove trees that are blocking the roads or limbs that are hanging and obstructing the flow of traffic starting with high priority roads first.