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Employment Application Instructions

Applications must be received in Human Resources by the deadline listed on the Recruiting Announcement. LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  

Before you begin:

The employment application has been formatted to facilitate completion by hand and electronically using Adobe Acrobat Reader only. Adobe Acrobat Reader is free to download; versions 8, 9 and X are compatible with the Polk County Employment Application form.

Please ensure that you are using Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Other PDF viewers such as MAC Preview and PDF Exchange will render the form unreadable when submitted to Human Resources.

Applications received by HR that are unreadable, incomplete, or received blank due to software or system incompatibility will not be processed.

Click to download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Next, click on the appropriate Job Application links listed below to download the Application, and select “save.” Save the document to your local computer rather than attempting to edit it within the browser window to avoid complications related to the internet browser’s default settings.


  • Applications are accepted only for open recruitments.
  • Use the Electronic Version of the application form if you plan to type and/or e-mail your application. You will need to do a "File - Save As" to save it to your computer to type in.  If you attempt to type in the form directly from the website, your information will not save. 
  • Use the Offline Version of the application form if you plan to print out and hand write your application.
  • DO NOT ATTACH A RESUME, REFERENCE LETTERS, TRANSCRIPTS OR CERTIFICATES WITH YOUR APPLICATION (unless otherwise specified on the Recruiting Announcement.) These items will not be considered at the application stage. You may provide them at the interview, if selected to interview.
  • Thoroughly complete each section of the application. In the Duties section, be sure to describe enough relevant work experience (paid and/or unpaid) to show that you meet the minimum qualifications listed on the Recruiting Announcement.
  • Do not state "See Résumé" in lieu of completing any section of the application form.
  • A separate Polk County employment application form must be submitted for each position that you are applying for.
  • A new application form is required each time that you want to apply.

Your application must thoroughly and truthfully reflect your employment and volunteer experience.

SIGN YOUR APPLICATION! A written signature is required if you are using the Offline Version of the application form. An electronic signature is required if you are using the Electronic Version of the application form; you will be asked to sign your application at the interview, if you are selected to interview. Not all applicants will be selected to interview.

VETERANS' HIRING PREFERENCE: If you wish to apply for Veterans’ Preference Points, please complete the Veterans’ Hiring Preference Form (available on our website or in the Courthouse lobby.) Please submit your DD-214 or DD-215 and the Veterans' Hiring Preference form with your application to receive Veterans' Preference.

Human Resources is not responsible for applications that are:

  • Not signed;
  • Illegible;
  • Not thoroughly completed;
  • Lost or delayed in the mail, e-mail, or fax transmittal process;
  • Missing or incomplete as a result of the use of software other than Adobe Acrobat Reader;
  • Submitted to offices other than Human Resources.

Please review your application to ensure that it is: complete, correct, and signed prior to submitting it. Please save a copy to your computer and/or print a copy if you desire. Polk County will not provide copies of your application.

SUBMITTING YOUR APPLICATION: You may drop off or mail your completed application to Human Resources, submit it via e-mail to or fax it to (503) 623-1889. If faxing your application, you must also mail the original hard copy. Be sure to submit your application by the deadline listed on the Recruiting Announcement.

You may check the status of a closed recruitment on the Job Openings page on our website. If you are not contacted within three weeks after the close of the recruitment, you have not been selected to proceed to the interview process. Notification letters will not be sent.

Polk County is not responsible or liable for any computer hardware or software malfunction or system incompatibility which may affect your employment application.

Polk County is an Equal Opportunity Employer
Reasonable accommodations for applicants with disabilities will be provided upon request.