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The Mentor Program

The Mentor Program is designed to provide diversion services as a residential alternative to Oregon Youth Authority (OYA) Youth Correctional Facilities. These youths are court-involved and on probation or parole to OYA for out of home placement. The length of the program is between 6 months and 18 months in a proctor home setting.

Mentor offers a structured treatment program utilizing family role-modeling in the Proctor home. The Proctor Parents act as integral members of the treatment team. The Mentor Program is designed for youths that require a high level of supervision. Youths are held strictly accountable for their own actions. Mentor focuses on stablizing behavior and building accountability.

The Mentor Program provides skills training, individual, group, and family counseling. Outpatient Alcohol and Drug services are available in the community, provided through the Mid-Valley Behavior Care Network. Assessments and recommendations are provided to facilitate case planning. Family involvement is required whenever possible in developing individual treatment, family treatment or parent training plans.

Mentor youths must utilize regular public school whenever possible. There are no provisions for In-program school. GED studies or Alternative School Programs may be available. School campuses are closed.

Mentor graduates internalize appropriate behavior, develop coping skills, achieve a greater sense of competency and responsibility, develop improved self-esteem, build healthy decision-making, problem solving, social and personal skills, empathy for others, personal growth and insight.