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DHS Independent Living Program (ILP)

Shannon Simich, Case Manager
David Valencia, Program Supervisor
Ph.: (503) 623-2042
Fax: (503) 623-9291

Our program is designed to help young people become successful adults so that when they leave foster care, they have the tools, knowledge, and skills to live independently in the community. We meet with the young person on an individual basis at least once monthly to work on their individual goals identified in their Transition Plan. We provide two to three groups a month and require that our youths attend at least one of these groups, but they can attend as many as they wish. We send the young person and their foster family a monthly newsletter and calendar that explains the topics and dates/times of the upcoming groups, and any other pertinent information that we feel the young person and their families need to be informed of.

Eligibility and Referral Information to Get in the Program

  • Age 14 years or older and in a foster care placement by the Department of Human Services (DHS) or Tribal Child Welfare (ICW). DHS or ICW caseworker completes the ILP referral off of the DHS website and sends it to the ILP Provider.


  • Was in foster care for at least 180 days (6 months) after the age of 14. If there is currently no open case with DHS or ICW, the young person must contact Polk County DHS and sign a voluntary case agreement with a caseworker for ILP services only. At that point, the caseworker will complete the referral and send it to the ILP Provider.
Services Provided and Facilitated
Housing Budgeting
Education Banking
Health Care Employment
Social Skills Supportive Relationships
Cooking Transportation
Legal Recreation/Leisure
Safety Skills Organizational Skills