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Community Support Services

Serving adults with Serious Mental Illness using the Illness Management Recovery model. We support individuals in reaching their personal goals focusing on recovery, independence and self-sufficiency.

Phone: (503) 623-1886
Fax: (503) 623-7560


  • Mental Health Residential Placement
    The County’s Residential Specialist is housed in Community Support Services. The team is responsible to oversee operation of state-licensed Mental Health residential facilities. Polk County’s mental health licensed residential beds include Adult Foster Homes, Residential Treatment Homes, and a Residential Treatment Facility. The team focuses on level-of-care needs in deciding appropriate individual placements in residential settings.
  • Supportive Housing
    The County has a 6-unit supportive housing apartment complex with on-site case management services. The County also offers supportive housing services for non-Medicaid eligible or transition age youth who are diagnosed with a serious mental illness and living in Polk County. The Supportive Housing Specialist is housed in Community Support Services.
  • Case Management
    Mental health case management is available to all individuals when referred by their therapist or prescriber, to help them through periods of unusual difficulty or stress in their lives. Case management provides a blanket of comprehensive services to help individuals remain stable and independent in the community, reducing the instances of disruptions to daily life and reducing risk of hospitalizations. The team of skilled case managers collaborates with other community social service agencies, families, therapists and the individual to leverage and make certain there is efficient and effective use of resources while assuring individuals’ needs are met.
  • Individual and Group Therapy
    Therapists in Community Support Services may work with consumers in individual and group settings. The individuals are usually already receiving case management services. Their therapy goals typically focus on achieving and maintaining personal goals toward recovery, self-sufficiency and independence.

EASA (Early Assessment & Support Alliance)

EASA (Early Assessment and Support Alliance) works with adolescents and young adults who are experiencing a first-break psychosis. Individuals are determined to be eligible for EASA services through a specialized assessment. EASA households may have private insurance and EASA services are not restricted based on income. EASA is staffed by a multidisciplinary team of clinicians who provide comprehensive supportive services to young people and their families.
For more information on Polk County's EASA program, please call 503 385-7417 or visit the statewide EASA website at

ECOS (Enhanced Care Outreach Services)

ECOS provides comprehensive mental health treatment for people with chronic and severe mental illness. To receive ECOS services, an individual must meet Senior and People with Disability’s (SPD) eligibility, demonstrate a need for intensive medical and psychiatric services, have a history of failed residential placements and reside in a community setting. Services include medication management, individual therapy, on-going provider consultation, case management services, person-centered treatment planning, group outings & skills training.