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Addiction Services

OR Problem Gambling Hotline: 1-877-MY-LIMIT

Polk County Addiction Services provides outpatient treatment for the abuse of alcohol and other drugs and gambling problems. Programs are available for adults, adolescents and their families. Treatment goals consist of a trained and certified clinician assisting an individual toward an improved quality of life by assessing the needs of each individual. The clinician and individual will determine the most appropriate treatment based on the individual’s initial assessment.

Services for each individual begin with an assessment utilizing the American Society of Addiction Medicine Assessment Tool (ASAM AT) to identify needs related to substance abuse or gambling, along with co-occurring mental and/or physical health issues.

Polk County Addiction Services provides the following outpatient programs:

  • Adult Outpatient Treatment
  • Adult Intensive Outpatient Treatment
  • Adolescent Outpatient Treatment
  • Problem Gambling Treatment
  • DUII Program (Spanish and English)
  • Program for Clients Involved in the Criminal Justice System (post-prison supervision, probation, bench probation, court mandated)
  • Program for Clients Involved with DHS-Child Welfare or Self-Sufficiency
  • Program for Clients with Co-Occurring Disorders

Addiction Treatment Services Include:

  • Biopsychosocial Assessment
  • Individual Counseling
  • Gender-Specific Therapy Groups
  • Coed Therapy Groups
  • Family Education
  • Groups for individuals with co-occurring disorders
  • Counseling for individuals with co-occurring disorders
  • Trauma Sensitive treatment
  • Referrals to residential treatment
  • Referrals to other services or treatment providers
  • DUII Certificate upon completion of DUII Program


Local Addiction Prevention and Planning Committee (LAPPC)

LAPPC is an advisory board to the Polk County Board of Commissioners as well as Polk County Health and Human Services. LAPPC works to identify unmet needs related to alcohol and other drug treatment and prevention and to encourage the community's support of these programs and services. Members of the community are welcome to attend this monthly meeting. Please see the meeting schedule below for more information and past minutes. If you have questions or comments, please contact Jennifer Lief, (503) 831-5971 ext. 9.

View: LAPPC Meeting Agendas and Minutes


Addiction Services Supervisor

Jennifer Lief, CSWA, CADC III,
Supervisor II
(503) 831-5971 Ext. 9


Dallas Counselors

Counselor Telephone
Amber Chytka, CADC II, CGAC I (503) 831-5971 Ext. 4
Mark Davis, CADC II (503) 831-5971 Ext. 6
Kim Howard, Case Manager I (503) 831-5971 Ext. 1
Jack Skiles, CADC I (503) 831-5971 Ext. 8
Gary Cochran, CADC I (503) 831-5971 Ext. 5


West Salem Counselors

Counselor Telephone
Stacey Caraballo, PhD, CADC II, CGAC I (503) 585-3012 Ext. 104
Sergio Guiterrez, CADC I, CGAC I (503) 585-3012 Ext. 102
Ruthyn Geer, CADC II (503) 585-3012 Ext. 105